Calorie Management Tips For The New Year

Another year is almost gone and another list of New Years resolutions is being made. Most everyone wants to get healthy and lose weight for the New Year. We want to help you get a jump on your calorie management for the upcoming year.

As you may have read in newspapers and online obesity is running rampant in the world with no end in sight. Modern diseases like high blood pressure,diabetes and heart disease are all contributed to the diet we eat. The drug companies invent drugs to help relieve the symptoms but they really just want to keep us sick. The longer we stay unhealthy the more money they make.

This is the year that we get to the root of the problem and finally do something about our health. Modern society with its fast paced living and convenience food makes for a really unhealthy life style.

Hiit aerobic interval training

Aerobic and HIIT exercise training are a great way to lose weight quickly. In the modern world when everyone is busy and don’t have time to sweat at the gym, hiit areobic interval exercises are a great way to get into shape.

The world is getting heavier and heart disease,diabetes and high blood pressure are running rampant. Eating healthy is not enough to keep you healthy, you also need hiit aerobic interval training to build up lean muscle and keep your joints flexible. Lean muscle helps to burn calories so the more lean muscle you build up the more weight you will lose.

The older we get the more muscle mass we lose, but it don’t have to be that way. Hiit aerobic interval training along with healthy eating habits will give you a better quality of life. It don’t take a whole lot of time every day to get a routing down.

In less than 10 minutes a day you can have great health and a lean body. You don’t have to give up good tasting foods either. There are many great tasting foods that you should be eating to give your body all the nutrition it needs to maintain good health.And if you happen to cheat on your weight management plan, don’t worry because its going to happen.

Tomorrow is another day and you will just have to work a little harder to get back on track. Hiit aerobic interval training will burn that stubborn fat even if you happen to slip up. Hiit was designed to have maximum effects within a short period of time. Before you know it you will look at yourself in the mirror and say” that wasn’t so hard after all.


Invest In Your Personal Development

Invest in Your Personal Development This New Year


Where do you want to be at the end of next year?  What are your goals for success in work and life?  Achieving your goals starts with investing in your personal development.  You can’t reach your goals if you don’t develop yourself and your abilities.


According to psychologists, personal development is the process of defining your goals and how to achieve them.


Personal development includes:


•What is Important to You

•What You Want to Achieve

•Your Strengths

•What You Need to Improve or Develop


Individual goals vary from person to person.  One person may want to achieve business success while another may hope to accomplish something completely different, like having a better relationship with their partner or finding a way to afford college for their child.


Even though people’s goals aren’t the same, the process of personal development follows the same pattern and requires the same dedication.  Using this new year to invest in your personal development can help you reach any goal you chose.


What is Important to You


Before you decide what you want to achieve, you need to understand what’s important to you personally.  Right now, do you value money, traveling, relationships, or health?  Your goals can change throughout life, but what you value today helps you define areas for personal development.


Changing your life begins with small steps.  You will find it hard to change everything about your entire life all at once.  Personal development helps you determine what area you want to focus on this year.


What You Want to Achieve


Now that you’ve determined what’s important to you, it’s time to set goals.  To be effective, goals must be specific, measurable, and obtainable.  “By the end of the year, I want to earn more money” isn’t very specific or measurable.


You might get a cost of living raise next year.  Is that the level of improvement you were hoping to achieve?  If not, set a more specific goal like a percentage or dollar amount.  Be sure to make your goal obtainable, too.  You need to decide if it’s possible to double your salary, for example, or if you need a more modest goal next year.


Your Strengths


The next step in personal improvement is to determine what your strengths are and how you can use them to achieve your goals.  By looking at what’s important to you and setting goals, you can match your strengths to your plan for achievement.  You may already possess many of the skills and abilities you need to reach your goals.  This step helps to improve your self-esteem and self-confidence by reminding you that you can carry out your plan and move forward.


What You Need to Improve or Develop


Once you’ve determined your strengths, you will also know what you need to improve.  You may have the skills to complete an intricate protect but need to develop the patience and time management skills to follow through to the end.


Even if you want to eat healthier, you may need to improve your knowledge of which foods are better for you.  Knowing what you need to improve or develop gives you guidelines for what to focus on in your personal development with year.


Taking these steps to personal improvement will help you grow.  It also helps to categorize your goals into areas for improvement based on what is important to you.


When you are considering what to focus on this new year, think about these areas for personal development.


oProfessional Goals


If you plan to focus on your professional growth this year, your personal development may include several professional goals.   Consider which of these goals will help you obtain success and decide if you need to improve or develop the skills required to achieve them.

Build Your Professional Relationships and Network

Improve Your Time Management Skills

Find New Challenges that Showcase Your Strengths

Develop a Growth Mindset

Develop Your Professional Skills Through Workshops and Classes

Learn How to Motivate Others


oLifestyle Goals


Your goals may be more focused on your personal life and happiness this year.  A change to your lifestyle may mean you need to improve or develop the skills required to achieve success throughout your life.


Improve your Health

Strengthen Personal Relationships

Start with improving your Health CLICK HERE


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The Cabbage Soup Diet

The cabbage soup diet is a bit rough on the stomach but it does help you lose weight. We tried it for a month and the results were good. We lost about 10 pounds each but we did add a little ground beef to the soup for some extra protein and flavor. If you can stomach the cabbage soup diet 24/7 then this can get your diet kick started.

The biggest problem is the minute you go off of it, all your weight comes back and brings its friends. There are hundreds of diets on the market and each one can help you lose weight but as soon as you quit the diet your weight comes back. Believe me we have tried them all and each one has the same results of weight loss until you stop using them and the cabbage soup diet is no different.

You could jazz up the cabbage soup like we did and help tolerate the taste of cabbage or you can soup it up a notch and add different soups.The cabbage soup diet can get you started and then you could shift into high gear and add other soup flavors to your diet. Too much cabbage soup diet for too long will get you smelling like sour kraut from all the fermented cabbage in your system. I really don’t know if its true about it turning to sour kraut I just added a little humor in there.

Soup is good for you and you could add different flavors of soup to your diet to lose weight and get your taste buds feeling better about dieting.Just following the cabbage soup diet will get old and boring in a hurry. When you get bored with your diet no matter how good it works, sooner or later you are going to fall off the wagon.

That is why you have to have a diet that will help you get healthy and make you satisfied with your food.We found a soup diet that our clients love and it really helps them lose weight and feel good. Some of our clients can’t stay with the keto diet long term so when they get bored with keto we introduce them to the soup diet.

All the soups are delicious and there are many flavors to pick from so you never get bored and go back to your old habits.The hardest part of any diet is sticking to it long term and we know the soup diet is something you can do long term.

Give the soup diet and try and say goodbye to the same old boring bland tasting diet food. We know how hard it is to lose weight because we have been there.The soup diet was created by a Doctor and Licensed Dietician so you know it is healthy. Click on the soup diet link below for more information.

The Soup Diet Click Here

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Jillian Michaels Keto

If you seen the news lately then you know Jillian Michaels keto is not something she is going to start anytime soon. Jillian has made it clear that she is not a fan of the keto diet even though some celebrities and countless other people swear by it.

The keto weight management plan consists of a high fat, moderate protein and low carb diet. It restricts sugars and processed foods and promotes healthy clean foods. If you want to lose a lot of weight fast you have to follow it real strict and that is why Jillian Michaels keto plan will never be introduced. It limits the amount of carbs you can have and restricts certain food groups.

Jillian claims that the diet restricts your body of certain nutrients that your body needs to function properly. Research does show that the keto diet does have some benefits because it forces your body to burn fat for energy instead of sugars.This can be very beneficial for people with high insulin levels, polycystic ovary syndrome and infertility.

The biggest problem is many people don’t like some of the foods that are on the diet and they stray off the path and gain all their weight back.If the ketogenic diet is approached correctly, then you could lose weight and still get all the nutrients your body needs.

Another problem I see as a coach is people don’t exercise enough because they claim to not have enough time to go to the gym. Exercise combined with the keto diet can help you lose even more weight.I have my clients eat what I call a dirty keto diet and do HIIT exercises for maximum weight loss.

I find if they start out with a strict keto diet, it isn’t long before they get hungry and start eating junk food. So I have them cut back on processed sugars and only eat naturals sugars like what is found in fruit. Some fruits like bananas are real high in carbs but others like blueberries and strawberries are lower in carbs.

You should try to stay below 50 carbs for the day, but depending on how active you are many active people kick it up to 75. Many keto diets say to keep it below 30 carbs a day but I think 30 is too low. Your choices of food for below 30 carbs is too restricted and it causes many people to have side effects like the keto flu and rashes. The keto diet should be started at 75 to 100 carbs and then slowly drop to 50.

The average person takes in over 200 carbs a day and they are mostly in sugars and highly process food. A drop from 200+ to 30 carbs on a standard keto diet will shock the shit out of your system so don’t start this way. Do it gradually and do beginner HIIT exercises to get your body trained on a routine and then work into a lower carb eating plan.

Exercise is important for people of any age because it gets your body moving and your blood pumping. Our bodies were designed to move so get up and start moving. Even if you are strapped for time HIIT exercises or High Intensity Interval Training for beginners will get you started on an exercise routine and help lose weight in less than 10 minutes a day. So start eating right by cutting excess sugars and start moving your body.You will not see the Jillian Michaels Keto diet in a store near you.

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Mcdonalds on keto

You are eating right and watching your carbs so what about eating at mcdonalds. Going to mcdonalds on keto isn’t really a bad thing. Most of the fast food chains have some type of low carb alternatives. For instance you could order a mcdouble or any burger with no bun and no ketchup. Bread products and ketchup are high in carbs so try to avoid them.

If you happen to stop for breakfast you could always get the egg mcmuffin without the mcmuffin. The egg is one thing that a low carb diet allows. You could also get bacon on your egg and sausage. The fruit and yogurt parfait also is low in carbs, even though the strawberries and granola are higher in carbs it is still a good choice. My take on fruit is try to eat at least one or two servings of it a day, even on keto.

Other choices for low carb if you go to mcdonalds on keto are a big mac without the bun. You could also have a garden salad or a grilled chicken salad as long as you skip the tortilla strips and the lime glaze dressing on the chicken salad. Low fat Balsamic Vinaigrette is the best choice for dressing and make sure to skip the croutons. Grilled chicken sandwiches are also a great on keto as long as you skip the bun.

Keto and HIIT

If you like the fillet o fish and go to mcdonalds on keto you may be in luck.The fillet itself is low in carbs as long as you skip the bun. The tartar sauce has 0 carbs if you like it on your fillet o fish.Avoid deep fried foods like fries, crispy chicken because they have high carbs. Chicken mcnuggets are ok even though they are deep fried as long as you only eat 4 because there is 10 carbs in 4 pieces.

When it comes to desserts and mcdonalds on keto you could eat apple slices, go gert and cuties. I know fruit is higher in carbs but they do contain natural sugars which are better for you. If you limit yourself too much on things you like, you are going to fail miserably. Best practice is to eat healthy but cheat every once in a while, just don’t over do it. Even the best of us fall off the diet wagon so don’t worry. Get up dust yourself off and start on the right track again.

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Jenna Jameson Keto

The name Jenna Jameson creates a lot of controversy when it’s mentioned. Because she is a porn star many people tend to look down on her. We are Christians and pray for her but because someone is a sinner does not mean we should have hatred toward them. They say love the sinner and hate the sin.

Jenna Jameson was in the news a few years ago because she lost a lot of weight after having a baby. Because we are lifestyle and weight management coaches her story was of interest to us. I do realize she is a celebrity in her own right and may have the extra income for a high priced trainer.

Just because she has money to burn don’t mean you can’t learn from her. You can follow just a few simple rules and achieve the same results. Hiring a coach may not really be as expensive as you may think. There are several online courses that can help you achieve the perfect body without spending a fortune. Many of the weight management courses have coaches available to help you along the way to your weight management journey.

Losing weight takes determination and some guidance but if you stick to it you will be successful. I am not saying you have to stick with a weight plant to the T because we all get off track from time to time. If you do stumble a little just get right back at it as soon as possible.Even the most disciplined weight management coaches and Gurus get off track one in a while.

No need to feel bad about having a little slip up once in a while, after all we are all human.If you want to have that cookie or ice cream and to heck with what other people think. Weight loss takes time and patience so don’t get discouraged if you fall off the wagon.

Jenna Jameson is just one example of someone who with determination and some guidance can achieve good results.Thousand of people start a diet everyday but only a small amount of them are successful. It is not because they don’t try,its because they don’t have the right information to be successful. The gyms and weight loss companies want you to be overweight so they can sell you their gym memberships and poison prescriptions.

Not every weight loss course is good, so we have weeded out the bad ones and just gave you the cream of the crop. We search the web and find the best weight loss advice you can possibly get. Not everyone is made the same and what works for one don’t work for another.Most of the private weight management courses are way better that the commercial ones. You just never heard of most of them because they don’t have the big advertising budget to spend.

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What are the health benefits of a low carb diet?

Low carb eating results in weight loss, which can be very dramatic and very quick. Eating low carb eliminates those pesky out of control cravings, stabilizes blood sugar and consequently the appetite, and research has shown that reducing carbohydrate consumption and replacing them with protein and healthy fats results in reducing overall calorie consumption naturally and without starvation.

Needless to say, the side effects of this are quite impressive as obesity is linked to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, cancer, reduced quality of life, belly fat, joint problems, autoimmune disease, and premature death.

Reduction in visceral fat – Research has shown that a low carb diet can help to reduce levels of visceral fat specifically rather than the superficial subcutaneous fat.

Stabilizes blood sugars to possibly prevent and manage type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Since low carb, eating eliminates insulin triggers, (sugars and starches) it is the diet of choice for those with prediabetes or those already diagnosed.

While a lot of research into low carb eating as it pertains to treating or preventing disease is far from conclusive, a low carb diet certainly results in weight loss and is especially important in regards to metabolic and insulin-related diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and other metabolic syndrome conditions.

Maintain healthy blood pressure

May lower risks for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and stroke

The Ketogenic diet is used to treat several types of cancer and to slow the growth of tumors

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The Ketogenic diet is also used to treat traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and polycystic ovary syndrome

Eating less sugar and lowering insulin levels can help improve acne

Many people report simply feeling better, including feeling less bloated, and having more energy than when they a high carb diet.

There are plenty of great choices, recipes, and combinations of low carb meals and foods.

·         Turkey, chicken, red meat, ham, sausage, bacon, organ meat and exotic fowl

·         Fish and seafood

·         Eggs

·         All non-starchy vegetables, including, leafy greens, onions, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, olives, etc.

·         Butter, heavy cream, full fat sour cream and salad dressings (check labels for carb count)

·         Whole full fat unprocessed cheeses, including, cheddar gouda, mozzarella, parmesan and blue cheese in moderation

·         Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, nut butters, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, and chia seeds in moderation

·         Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil

·         Avocados (whole or guacamole made from fresh whole avocados)

·         Salt, herbs and spices

·         No carb sauces like some hot sauce brands, and soy sauce, check labels.

·         Berries in moderation

·         Drinks: water, unsweetened tea, unsweetened coffee, club soda, no-calorie flavored seltzers, diet soda (be cautious as artificial sweeteners can affect low carb weight loss), herbal tea without added barley or fruit sugars.

     So as you can see a low carb lifestyle has many benefits, so why not give it a try. Sign up for our free 1 Minute Weight Loss newsletter and start reaping the benefits of good health.


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Avoiding Chronic Inflammation With A High Fat And Protein Diet

Inflammation occurs naturally as part of the body’s immune response. It jumpstarts the healing process by flooding an injury with healing antigens. Antigens and fluids may also become concentrated within the body’s tissues to carry away irritants or foreign bodies (bacteria and viruses). The presence of inflammation does not always indicate the presence of infection.


When inflammation becomes chronic, persistent, and ongoing, it becomes a concern. Chronic Inflammation In one area of the body can trigger the inflammation in other parts of the body. For example, a sinus infection can lead to an ear infection while the immune system is compromised which may eventually affect the lungs.


In some cases, a low-grade irritant trapped in the tissues, can cause ongoing inflammation and lead to chronic inflammation. Irritable bowel syndrome is a good example; the disease causes inflammation in the intestines when certain foods passing through the digestive tract cause irritation.


This ongoing irritation if not addressed causes chronic inflammation. Chronic Inflammation has been linked to the development of heart disease, cancer and the development of other systemic diseases.


The Connection Of High Fat And High Protein Diets To Inflammation


A high fat and high protein diet leaves the body vulnerable to chronic inflammation. Protein provides the body with the building blocks of healthy tissues, amino acids. Fat provides the body with energy. Protein can also provide the body with energy but must be converted to glucose by the liver and kidneys. Ketones enter the bloodstream when fat is burned for energy when glucose is not readily available.


High levels of ketones are toxic to the body. Some tissues cannot use the ketones and require glucose; if there is not enough protein available, the body scavenges protein from muscles to convert into glucose. Basically, the body needs carbohydrates to ensure metabolic balance.


Low-carb diets not only negatively affect ready energy sources, they also limit the body’s access to nutrients and antioxidants, which prevent and repair oxidative damage. Fiber is also more challenging to acquire while following a low carb diet. A low carb dieter may only consume 2 to 7 grams of fiber per day, which is well below the recommended 25 to 30 grams.


A low carb dieter’s body is forced to draw on its emergency survival mechanisms. This causes a great deal of stress and irritation within the body which can lead to chronic inflammation, because the body is not using the most effective tools to carry out daily functions and repairs. The use of ketones for energy can lead to a toxic state called ketosis. The side effects of ketosis include bad breath, debilitating fatigue, constipation, brain fuzziness, and headaches.


Avoiding Chronic Inflammation


In order to prevent chronic inflammation, low carb dieters must be selective in their carbohydrate intake. To make the weight loss or desired fitness gains without provoking an immune response, they need to focus on eating carbohydrates with maximum nutrient and fiber density. Examples of low carb fruits and vegetables meeting these criteria include:




•Brussel sprouts









Other superfoods, which supply much-needed antioxidants, are green tea, whey protein, and coffee. Choose colorful and fiber rich fruits and vegetables. They provide the best antioxidant returns for a limited carbohydrate diet.


Dehydration also affects low carb dieter’s more frequently and severely; it contributes to constipation and low energy. The body is also not able to dispose of waste as effectively when dehydrated. Fruits and vegetables have significant water content.


They supplement any water or other fluids used to keep the body hydrated. Solid food supplies about 20% of the body’s water requirement. Low carb dieters need to pay special attention to keeping hydrated to aid their digestion and overall metabolism and prevent chronic inflammation.


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Drink Water for Good Health

Through out your busy day as an entrepreneur or even if you work for someone, you need to keep your body hydrated. Simply drinking the right amount of water every day can change your life and your health.

I remember one time while driving along in my company van, water had saved my life. I slowed down to take a drink of water and it’s a good thing I did. A car came around the corner in my lane and had I not slowed down to drink water, I would of hit the other car head on. This is a true story!

Water helps your body by controlling your appetite, improving brain function and lubricating your joints. That right there is a good reason to drink more water. Many people suffer from achy joints and drinking McDonalds $1 sodas do nothing for lubricating squeaky joints.

Drinking water also helps regulate body temperature, controls chronic fatigue, keeps your lungs moist and helps prevent asthma.If you are feeling tired water also helps give you energy and it also helps decrease the risk of some Cancers.

Water helps alleviate headaches, keeps your skin moisturized, flushes out toxins, aids in digestion and helps prevent farfrompooping (constipation) and is essential for proper circulation.

So how much water should you drink everyday. First thing in the morning you should drink a 16 oz glass of water with lemon and drink a 16oz  glass of water every hour or 2, especially before and after meals to help you feel full.

Stay away from sports drinks, juices and sodas with sweeteners if you are participating in sports, because they will only cause you to become dehydrated. Reach for good ol water and watch you energy level and your concentration go through the roof.

What is the best water you can drink to get the full benefits of water. The best type of water is from a gravity fed mountain spring. Visit THIS WEBSITE to find a mountain spring near you. If a spring is not close by you then have your tap water tested and put the correct filter on it. The company that tests it will tell you the filter you need. Try to avoid bottled, unfiltered, distilled and fluoridated water.

Hope this article helps you with your quest to good health.