What are the health benefits of a low carb diet?

Low carb eating results in weight loss, which can be very dramatic and very quick. Eating low carb eliminates those pesky out of control cravings, stabilizes blood sugar and consequently the appetite, and research has shown that reducing carbohydrate consumption and replacing them with protein and healthy fats results in reducing overall calorie consumption naturally and without starvation.

Needless to say, the side effects of this are quite impressive as obesity is linked to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, cancer, reduced quality of life, belly fat, joint problems, autoimmune disease, and premature death.

Reduction in visceral fat – Research has shown that a low carb diet can help to reduce levels of visceral fat specifically rather than the superficial subcutaneous fat.

Stabilizes blood sugars to possibly prevent and manage type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Since low carb, eating eliminates insulin triggers, (sugars and starches) it is the diet of choice for those with prediabetes or those already diagnosed.

While a lot of research into low carb eating as it pertains to treating or preventing disease is far from conclusive, a low carb diet certainly results in weight loss and is especially important in regards to metabolic and insulin-related diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and other metabolic syndrome conditions.

Maintain healthy blood pressure

May lower risks for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and stroke

The Ketogenic diet is used to treat several types of cancer and to slow the growth of tumors


The Ketogenic diet is also used to treat traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and polycystic ovary syndrome

Eating less sugar and lowering insulin levels can help improve acne

Many people report simply feeling better, including feeling less bloated, and having more energy than when they a high carb diet.

There are plenty of great choices, recipes, and combinations of low carb meals and foods.

·         Turkey, chicken, red meat, ham, sausage, bacon, organ meat and exotic fowl

·         Fish and seafood

·         Eggs

·         All non-starchy vegetables, including, leafy greens, onions, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, olives, etc.

·         Butter, heavy cream, full fat sour cream and salad dressings (check labels for carb count)

·         Whole full fat unprocessed cheeses, including, cheddar gouda, mozzarella, parmesan and blue cheese in moderation

·         Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, nut butters, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, and chia seeds in moderation

·         Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil

·         Avocados (whole or guacamole made from fresh whole avocados)

·         Salt, herbs and spices

·         No carb sauces like some hot sauce brands, and soy sauce, check labels.

·         Berries in moderation

·         Drinks: water, unsweetened tea, unsweetened coffee, club soda, no-calorie flavored seltzers, diet soda (be cautious as artificial sweeteners can affect low carb weight loss), herbal tea without added barley or fruit sugars.

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Avoiding Chronic Inflammation With A High Fat And Protein Diet

Inflammation occurs naturally as part of the body’s immune response. It jumpstarts the healing process by flooding an injury with healing antigens. Antigens and fluids may also become concentrated within the body’s tissues to carry away irritants or foreign bodies (bacteria and viruses). The presence of inflammation does not always indicate the presence of infection.


When inflammation becomes chronic, persistent, and ongoing, it becomes a concern. Chronic Inflammation In one area of the body can trigger the inflammation in other parts of the body. For example, a sinus infection can lead to an ear infection while the immune system is compromised which may eventually affect the lungs.


In some cases, a low-grade irritant trapped in the tissues, can cause ongoing inflammation and lead to chronic inflammation. Irritable bowel syndrome is a good example; the disease causes inflammation in the intestines when certain foods passing through the digestive tract cause irritation.


This ongoing irritation if not addressed causes chronic inflammation. Chronic Inflammation has been linked to the development of heart disease, cancer and the development of other systemic diseases.


The Connection Of High Fat And High Protein Diets To Inflammation


A high fat and high protein diet leaves the body vulnerable to chronic inflammation. Protein provides the body with the building blocks of healthy tissues, amino acids. Fat provides the body with energy. Protein can also provide the body with energy but must be converted to glucose by the liver and kidneys. Ketones enter the bloodstream when fat is burned for energy when glucose is not readily available.


High levels of ketones are toxic to the body. Some tissues cannot use the ketones and require glucose; if there is not enough protein available, the body scavenges protein from muscles to convert into glucose. Basically, the body needs carbohydrates to ensure metabolic balance.


Low-carb diets not only negatively affect ready energy sources, they also limit the body’s access to nutrients and antioxidants, which prevent and repair oxidative damage. Fiber is also more challenging to acquire while following a low carb diet. A low carb dieter may only consume 2 to 7 grams of fiber per day, which is well below the recommended 25 to 30 grams.


A low carb dieter’s body is forced to draw on its emergency survival mechanisms. This causes a great deal of stress and irritation within the body which can lead to chronic inflammation, because the body is not using the most effective tools to carry out daily functions and repairs. The use of ketones for energy can lead to a toxic state called ketosis. The side effects of ketosis include bad breath, debilitating fatigue, constipation, brain fuzziness, and headaches.


Avoiding Chronic Inflammation


In order to prevent chronic inflammation, low carb dieters must be selective in their carbohydrate intake. To make the weight loss or desired fitness gains without provoking an immune response, they need to focus on eating carbohydrates with maximum nutrient and fiber density. Examples of low carb fruits and vegetables meeting these criteria include:




•Brussel sprouts









Other superfoods, which supply much-needed antioxidants, are green tea, whey protein, and coffee. Choose colorful and fiber rich fruits and vegetables. They provide the best antioxidant returns for a limited carbohydrate diet.


Dehydration also affects low carb dieter’s more frequently and severely; it contributes to constipation and low energy. The body is also not able to dispose of waste as effectively when dehydrated. Fruits and vegetables have significant water content.


They supplement any water or other fluids used to keep the body hydrated. Solid food supplies about 20% of the body’s water requirement. Low carb dieters need to pay special attention to keeping hydrated to aid their digestion and overall metabolism and prevent chronic inflammation.


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Drink Water for Good Health

Through out your busy day as an entrepreneur or even if you work for someone, you need to keep your body hydrated. Simply drinking the right amount of water every day can change your life and your health.

I remember one time while driving along in my company van, water had saved my life. I slowed down to take a drink of water and it’s a good thing I did. A car came around the corner in my lane and had I not slowed down to drink water, I would of hit the other car head on. This is a true story!

Water helps your body by controlling your appetite, improving brain function and lubricating your joints. That right there is a good reason to drink more water. Many people suffer from achy joints and drinking McDonalds $1 sodas do nothing for lubricating squeaky joints.

Drinking water also helps regulate body temperature, controls chronic fatigue, keeps your lungs moist and helps prevent asthma.If you are feeling tired water also helps give you energy and it also helps decrease the risk of some Cancers.

Water helps alleviate headaches, keeps your skin moisturized, flushes out toxins, aids in digestion and helps prevent farfrompooping (constipation) and is essential for proper circulation.

So how much water should you drink everyday. First thing in the morning you should drink a 16 oz glass of water with lemon and drink a 16oz  glass of water every hour or 2, especially before and after meals to help you feel full.

Stay away from sports drinks, juices and sodas with sweeteners if you are participating in sports, because they will only cause you to become dehydrated. Reach for good ol water and watch you energy level and your concentration go through the roof.

What is the best water you can drink to get the full benefits of water. The best type of water is from a gravity fed mountain spring. Visit THIS WEBSITE to find a mountain spring near you. If a spring is not close by you then have your tap water tested and put the correct filter on it. The company that tests it will tell you the filter you need. Try to avoid bottled, unfiltered, distilled and fluoridated water.

Hope this article helps you with your quest to good health.

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The Skinny on High Intensity Vs Low Intensity Workouts

The Skinny on High Intensity Vs Low Intensity Workouts

HIIT exercises are hitting the market like a tidal wave and swallowing up fat in the process. Science has proven that high intensity workouts burn fat quicker and in less time then traditional exercises. They are not for everyone or are they really when you consider that there are 3 levels of HIIT that you can do.

If you want the benefits of HIIT but are new to exercise then start out with beginner exercises. If you have some exercise experience then try a medium routine. For people with more exercise experience an advance program is a good choice for you. These exercises are designed to get maximum results in the minimum amount of time.

Most people do not take the time to consider their workouts and how what they do will effect their results. Mindless exercise will not bring you optimal results, and so it is important to take the time and consider the actual workout, and your progress of its effects. One of the key considerations in profiling and designing an excellent exercise program is considering intensity levels.

1 Minute Weight Loss

Many people who begin a workout program are confused at which they should focus their attention on: high intensity or low intensity? Both high intensity and low intensity workouts have their advantages. It all depends on what your fitness goals are. Let’s compare high intensity workouts with low intensity workouts and maybe you will be able to determine which you should focus your fitness program around.

 High Intensity


This type of exercising is definitely the most popular type of exercising these days because people appreciate the fact that it gives significantly more results in less time. We are all hard pressed for time nowadays and many would rather get their workout done and over with so they can move on to their many other responsibilities.

How does a high intensity workout deliver more results?


High intensity is pretty self explanatory. You will be working your body much harder during a high intensity workout than a low intensity workout so you will be burning more calories in less time. High intensity burns more calories because you reach about 75% or your maximum heart rate as apposed to only 50% of your maximum heart during low intensity workouts. Your metabolism will be really pumping and you will continue to burn more calories after completing a high intensity workouts. You also burn more calories from fat per minute than you would doing a low intensity workout.


So you can see why people would choose high intensity workouts. If their goal is to burn fat, gain strength, and do it in less time, this is the right choice for them.


Unfortunately, many cannot take advantage of high intensity workouts for various reasons. It should also be noted that high intensity workouts should not be overdone as it could be very taxing on the body and cause a burnout.


Examples of high intensity workouts are: sprinting, interval training with bodyweight exercises, and plyometrics.


Low Intensity


Low intensity workouts are more traditional but don’t deliver as much results as high intensity workouts. That’s not to say that low intensity workouts are a waste of time. Many people enjoy a low intensity workout and have the time to dedicate to it and there is nothing wrong with that. Some find that a low intensity workout is much more stress relieving.


Although it takes much more time to get the results you would see from high intensity workouts, you can still burn fat with low intensity workouts. It is, in fact, the best workout for certain cases. The elderly usually can’t do high intensity workouts but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to get in their cardio. Low intensity workouts allow them to stay fit and healthy without the risk of injury. What about those who already have injuries? They can’t perform a high intensity workout either. Again, low intensity workouts are good for them.


Also, there are fitness professionals who are trying to lose that last inch of fat without losing any muscle. They are eating a very strict low calorie diet and wouldn’t want to do high intensity workouts as this would deplete their muscle mass. So they perform low intensity workouts to get rid of fat without losing precious muscle.


Examples of low intensity workouts are: jogging on a trail or treadmill, simple cycling, elliptical machines (without intervals), or water aerobics.


So, which do you think you would benefit from?


Most would choose to do high intensity workouts for the best results, but understandably there are some who would say that low intensity is all they can handle.


Even if high intensity is your workout of choice, there may be days where you don’t feel up to a hard workout but getting in anything is better than nothing. This is when low intensity workouts will come in handy.


Whether you choose high intensity or low intensity, consistency is key. Any workout program that you follow regularly will serve you in promoting good health, healthy weight management and effective weight management.

If you are a busy person and can do advanced HIIT exercises for faster results in a shorter time period. So even if you can’t do advanced exercises you can still benefit from beginner or intermediate exercises and still enjoy the benefits of HIIT. Even beginner and intermediate programs give good benefits and still cut down the time you need to devote to exercise. So go ahead and get started now and reap the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training.

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1 minute weight loss

The Down Side to Weight Loss

I know it may be hard to think of but  I found a down side to weight loss. My wife and I were in our 50s and fat and we knew it was just a matter of time before the side effects of age and fat got the best of us. We decided to try a low carb diet, the keto diet to be specific because everyone was praising the benefits of it.


The weight started to drop fast at first and we were really happy with the results. We were so happy that we got certified to be weight loss coaches. We also learned that after a few months your weight loss efforts start to stand still. Even as we stuck to the diet very strict we were at a stand still.


I know weight Weight loss is hard and there is no such thing as a magic pill to help. I think this is why so many people just give up on their efforts. I took what I learned at weight management school and added short 1 minute exercises that gets your body burning fat.


These exercises are called HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training. You do 1 minute exercises and then rest. At first the exercises look easy but let me tell you they work. I started to feel the difference after the first week. You start out slow for the first week and then as the weeks progress you add more intense 1 minute exercises. This really burns belly fat and only takes less than 5 minutes a day.


You can find out more about 1 minute weight loss by Clicking Here


All this weight loss led my Wife to dig out her old clothes she hasn’t worn in years. She rooted through the closet and picked out a few outfits and tried them on. They fit like a glove and everything was going great until she said well now that I fit into my new clothes I need new jewelry.


It gets worse.

She found this site that sells $5 jewelry and I thought why not just let her buy a few pieces to make her happy. the next thing I knew she was watching facebook live jewelry shows and buying “bling” every week. It made her feel good about herself which for a long time she was down because of her weight.


I was really happy she was finally coming out of her shell and wanting to go out more often.Then I did a dumb thing and opened my big mouth. I said dear if your going to buy all this jewelry why not just join the company and sell it. I didn’t think she would take me serious because I know her passion is cooking,but a few days later she asked for my credit card so she could join.


She was really excited about this new business she was going into and I couldn,‘t believe she was passionate about something besides cooking. I came home one night and she was all excited about her new kit arriving in the mail. Now every week she is ordering bling in fact so much that we have more bling  than a Rap Star. Now she is wanting to do facebook live events and buy even more jewelry.


So please every one help me and buy some of this jewelry so I can have my Mancave back, yes she took over my mancave with all of her jewelry. She said if I build her a jewelry room I can have my Man Cave back, so please everyone help me get my Man Cave back. Visit her website and buy some of this Bling so I can build a Bling room and get my Man Cave back.

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Thanks for reading

Mark & Sherry Whitney

Freedom comes at a high price

1 Minute Weight Loss

Click the link above to find out more about 1 minute weight loss. Before you click the link I want you to read an article I ran across about D-Day

I received this email on June 6th 2019 which is the 75th year anniversary of D-Day. Thank You Jeff Clark for sending me this email.

The American Cemetery in Normandy, France displays 9,300 gravestones of American soldiers who perished on June 6, 1944 – otherwise known as D-Day.

My family visited this cemetery several years ago. At the time, my oldest son was studying World War II in his junior high school history class. We had planned a vacation to France for the summer. And, it seemed that besides doing the typical “touristy” things, we might get some educational benefit by taking a detour to Normandy.

I had no idea.

Our tour guide had lived in Normandy his entire life. His parents and his grandparents were residents of Normandy. He knew the history. He was the perfect person to show us his “neighborhood.”

We walked along Utah beach and Omaha beach. All the while, our tour guide explained the events of June 6, 1944. He choked back tears as he described the day.

We visited a church in the Normandy region. Its blood-stained pews had been preserved to remind visitors of the sacrifices made by the American military.

As my family walked along some of the back-roads in Normandy we were approached by a few of the local elderly residents. Our tour guide explained we were American tourists visiting the D-Day memorials. The residents shook our hands and nodded, saying “Merci. Merci. Merci.”

Then we visited the American Cemetery.

It’s on the hillside, overlooking the ocean. It would be an ideal location for a luxury resort or a high-priced, exclusive community. But, the French set it aside as a place to honor the fallen American soldiers.

As you stand at the entrance of the cemetery, you see a field of green grass interrupted by 9,300 stone-white grave markers. In the distance, the blue waves of the ocean lighten the image.

We were the only “foreigners” visiting the American cemetery that day. But, there were many people walking by the gravesites and stopping occasionally to pause and say a silent prayer. Our tour guide explained that these were the “locals.” “They come by every day,” he said, “just to say thanks.”

My sons walked among the gravestones. And, they did the math. “Dad,” my youngest son said, “this guy was only 18 years old.”

He could have said that several thousand times.

Seventy-five years ago today, 9,300 Americans gave up their lives to defend freedom.

The residents of Normandy still shake the hands of American tourists who visit. And, they still stand by the gravesites and say “Merci.”

Best regards,

Jeff Clark

Visit Jeffs Website Here

Thank God every day for the men who gave their lives so we could be free. The people of Normandy France thank Americans everyday and so should you, so the next time you see a veteran stop and shake their hand and say Thank You!

Mark & Sherry Whitney

1 Minute Weight Loss Click Here

1 Minute Weight Loss Review

There is another new kid in town in the weight loss arena. We are lifestyle and weight management specialists and always on the hunt for programs to make clients progress easier.

The product is called 1 Minute Weight Loss 

The video on the website explained you can lose weight with 1 minute exercises. There is also a link below the video for the transcript in case you want to read and don’t want to watch the video.

It is a new product backed by science but there is not much information about it yet. I liked the concept of being able to get fit in under 5 minutes a day so I purchased it for $37 a 50% discount off the regular price.

After I purchased the product it took me to an upgrade page to purchase monthly coaching. Because I am already a coach I passed and clicked the no thank you link. The link didn’t do anything at all, I figured it would at least take me to an upgrade page but nothing happened.

I then went to my paypal email address and found the email they sent with the link for my product. I clicked the link and downloaded the product.

The videos were very informative and I was happy with them. There were 3 levels of 1 minute exercises, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. They also had a cook book with some good recipes and some other health related ebooks that came with your purchase.

There even had ebooks you could purchase but some of the links were dead and I did notice some spelling errors.

I contacted customer service and they did get back to me in just a few hours and thanked me for bringing this to their attention. They said they would fix it and if I needed any help let them know. So now I know customer service is very good.

My Final Conclusion

Pros: The videos were good quality and very informative, You can start out with beginner videos if you are new to HIIT or if you are experienced you can go to intermediate or advanced. The price is good for the value you get. Customer service is great with quick response. They also give you a cookbook and several fitness books which makes this a great value. They offer a monthly coaching program at a bargain price and take it from a coach, this is worth its weight in gold. People who have a coach tend to have way better results.

Cons: Spelling errors and some dead links. This is a new product so there is no real history of the product and I did expect some errors.

Bottom Line:

My experience was positive and the exercises are easy to do. You can save money by not having to buy a monthly gym membership. The exercises also seem to work very well and save you a lot of time, which is great if you are busy and pressed for time but still want to get into shape.

This course is a buy in my opinion.

ClickHere to check out 1 Minute Weight Loss.

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1 Minute Weight Loss

Is it Possible to Lose Weight With Just 1 Minute Per Day?

 There is no doubt that High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) is a trend worth watching in the exercise world. So many people talk about it these days and there is a buzz in all types of media. It is also sometimes called the one minute weight loss routine, because you alternate those periods of all out activity with work that is at about 50 per cent. Here we will explore what people are saying about H.I.I.T. in terms of effectiveness and the results that they have obtained.


 In “Reader’s Digest”, they have some before and after pictures with people doing these work-out’s ( If you look at the pictures, the results seem to speak for themselves. Some of the participants toned down, and some of them look like they lost a person. Most of these people seem to have done H.I.I.T. the right way. They talk about boot camp, which is notorious for getting in shape. Others regale their group fitness sessions. With exercises such as walking lunges and medicine ball slams, there’s no wonder that these people were about to shed pounds. Another popular exercise cited was the suicide run. This is where you run as fast as you can for certain amounts of time. This may bring back memories of racing in the gym in school to certain lines, touching them, then racing back. That early invention of intervals has fully caught on in the adult world now. Even a personal trainer in the story used it to lose a dress size.


 People who tout success with this regime seem to get help to ensure that they are doing it right. However, if you are doing it on your own, then studies show that too much of a good thing can be bad. Aside from the build up of too much lactic acid, which can lead to muscle fatigue, you might also be putting your body into fight or flight mode. You might also be releasing too much cortisol, which can be detrimental to your body. For this reason, researchers suggest that thirty to forty minutes a week of high intensity is the maximum. And their definition of high intensity is that where you work at 90% above your heart rate. If you bump it down to 85%, then forty to fifty minutes is your new allowance. For this reason, you should be careful about how much high intensity that you are actually doing. If you tend to be the type of person who has no holds barred, you could actually be going too hard.


 Another critical component to the success of H.I.I.T., according to the experts, is your actual recovery time. This is actually another important part of this work out. The recovery time is when all the good stuff happens, and circumventing this can actually impede your results. Some people want to do the 1 minute weight loss routine thirty times in one session. This is fine, as long as you don’t reach H.I.I.T. the rest of the week. Usually, experts recommend a day off of a certain muscle group to allow it to recover. If you’re doing intervals, you could follow the same maxim. There’s no hard and fast rule except that you shouldn’t overdose on the one minute weight loss routine in the same week. And after you’ve tried a H.I.I.T. work-out, you might not even want to. The suicide run might have you feeling a little sore the next door. Make sure for this reason that you warm up and cool down before each work out.


 You’ve probably seen your favorite You Tuber or celebrity slamming that medicine ball on their Instagram or in their videos. Your view of the kettle bell has probably forever changed- that is if you even had one before. But actually delving into this work out will require a trainer, a class, or boot camp if you want to really get an introduction for yourself. You also might want to invest in a Polar A370 watch with an H10 chest strap or something of that nature if you want to really measure your heart rate. And then, get ready to immerse yourself in this work-out revolution. Just don’t forget to take your before and after photos.

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Move over pasta here comes veggies

Try Low Carb Spiral Cut Veggies Instead Of Pasta!

People who switch to a low carb diet don’t have to give up many of the foods that they love.  It just means having to be more creative when you cook.

 There are many different low carbohydrate swaps for high carb-filled recipes that allow you to enjoy, pancakes, pizza, chips, fries and even pasta! Yes, pasta!  

For many, one of the hardest parts of eating low carb is the need to give up pasta that is loaded with starch carbs, but pasta alternatives are made easy with the invention of the spiral cutter! 

Pasta is made from flour which is high in carbs but there are now amazing vegetable cutting tools, that allow you to still enjoy your pasta dishes, in a very low carb healthy version.

Many people who have tried using spiral vegetable cutting tools now swear by them. They have become as important to them as a knife or bowl when preparing healthy meals. 

The remarkable and unique taste of dishes that use spiral cut vegetables combined with the nutritional diet benefits they have has people rushing to learn this new healthy form of cooking. 

What Is A Spiral Vegetable Cutter?

These devices come in a wide variety of models and price ranges. They can be found in different forms, from a hand held spiral vegetable cutter to a machine that you feed the vegetables into that does the work for you. 

The name is somewhat misleading because these devices are excellent at making spiral cut fruits too.

Here are some general guidelines when selecting fruits and vegetables to use in them:

1. Use fruits and vegetables that are very solid, two of the best choices are zucchini and cucumbers

2. Try to avoid using highly irregular shape vegetables and fruits, the straighter the sides the better your spiral cut vegetables will turn out

3. Hollow core vegetables cannot be used

4. A good general guideline is the length of the fruits and vegetables to be cut should be longer than 2 inches and the diameter larger than 1 ½ inch

Here are some examples of fruits and vegetables that typically work well in a spiral vegetable cutter:

• Apples       

• Zucchini 

• Beets        

• Broccoli      

• Butternut Squash      

• Carrots       

• Chayote      

• Cucumbers        

• Onions

• Parsnips

• Pears        

• Plantains        

• Radishes        

• Rutabagas     

• Summer Squash         

Spiral Cut Pasta – Low Carb Style!

Why are spiral cut veggies a good choice? 

• For one it fits the mold when designing a diet that is low in carbs that eliminates high starch foods like pasta

• Another reason is that spiral cut vegetables add some excellent taste and texture to any recipe

• Many savory pasta dishes already feature different vegetables in their recipes to enhance the flavor, so spiral cut vegetables only compliment this trend further

• It is also a well-known fact that it is much easier to maintain a low carb diet when you can mimic and enjoy your carb-filled favorites

So what is the vegetable of choice for making vegetable noodles? 

Currently one of the most popular vegetables to make spiral cut noodles out of is zucchini. 

Once the zucchini has been cut, simply steam the spirals or pour hot water over them to soften them just a bit before adding sauce and other ingredients.

Recipe Ideas

You can make various types of low carb spiral veggie dishes that mimic your favorite pasta recipes.

1. Spiral zucchini with marinara

2. Spiral zucchini with spinach and cream sauce

3. Spiral zucchini with Alfredo sauce with or without chicken and shrimp

4. Spiral zucchini with butter, fresh garlic and parmesan

5. Spiral zucchini with clams

6. Spiral zucchini with sausages and marinara

7. Virtually any other Italian sauce or ingredients you can image

The above can be used as main dishes or even as side dishes to go with your steak, chicken or fish entrées.

There are other vegetables that can be spiral cut to replace starches in recipes including:

• Yellow Summer Squash

• Carrots

• Cucumbers

Give A Spiral Vegetable Cutter A Try

If you are on a low carb diet, then pick up a spiral vegetable cutter and try it. 

You will be amazed how these great high carb swaps will taste. With a spiral cutter, a low carb diet no longer means that you have to cut out your favorite pasta from your menus.

Enjoy and eat well!

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Thank You

Mark & Sherry Whitney


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Fully Certified Coaches

Eat right exercise and die anyways

Being a business owner you encounter all kinds of people. I was out promoting my Lifestyle and Weight Management Coaching and ran into an unusual guy we will call him Mike. Mike’s view on life has to be one of the most unusual I have ever seen.

I was passing out flyers at a housing development, you know the one that has most of the houses close together to make canvassing easier. I always put a flyer in peoples doors if they don’t answer right away and that is what I did at Mikes house.

He was working out back and just happened to come around front as I was leaving his porch. He said with kind of a snotty attitude, hey what the hell are you doing on my porch. I don’t like solicitors, so get the hell off my property.

I told him I was a Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach and left a flyer in his door. If there was any way I could help him call the number on the flyer.He said my view is “Eat Right Exercise and Die anyways” so I don’t waste my time with the diet and exercise shit.He started cussing and waving his arms in the air while heading my way.

He was a pretty good sized guy and I am not much of a fighter, but when backed in the corner I can kick ass if needed. Just then the screen door flew open and this heavy set woman said in a rough tone, Mike get your ass up here and quit being mean to people. She reached down and picked up my flyer that had fell out of the screen door when she opened it up.

She read the flyer, looked up at me and said my husband and I have been trying to lose weight for years with not much success. What makes you think that your coaching can help me. I started talking to her and explained our program to her and she got a big smile on her face. She said all the other programs they tried made it seem so easy but the results were disappointing.

After I explained weight loss starts with small steps and the right mindset her and her husband signed up for our coaching plan. Within the first week they each lost 2 pounds and were very happy with the results. They learned weight loss is a lot of work but with the right tools and coaching things go much smoother.

If you think that a pill or magic potion can help you lose weight, your in for a rude awaking. You need to set your mind to being a healthy person and have people on your side to help you along the way. Hiring a coach is not expensive and your coach can show you dieting hacks that will save you time and money.

So what are you waiting for sign up for our coaching program now. We work with you personally through online consultations,videos and phone support. We are here to make sure you meet your weight loss goals.

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