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The name Jenna Jameson creates a lot of controversy when it’s mentioned. Because she is a porn star many people tend to look down on her. We are Christians and pray for her but because someone is a sinner does not mean we should have hatred toward them. They say love the sinner and hate the sin.

Jenna Jameson was in the news a few years ago because she lost a lot of weight after having a baby. Because we are lifestyle and weight management coaches her story was of interest to us. I do realize she is a celebrity in her own right and may have the extra income for a high priced trainer.

Just because she has money to burn don’t mean you can’t learn from her. You can follow just a few simple rules and achieve the same results. Hiring a coach may not really be as expensive as you may think. There are several online courses that can help you achieve the perfect body without spending a fortune. Many of the weight management courses have coaches available to help you along the way to your weight management journey.

Losing weight takes determination and some guidance but if you stick to it you will be successful. I am not saying you have to stick with a weight plant to the T because we all get off track from time to time. If you do stumble a little just get right back at it as soon as possible.Even the most disciplined weight management coaches and Gurus get off track one in a while.

No need to feel bad about having a little slip up once in a while, after all we are all human.If you want to have that cookie or ice cream and to heck with what other people think. Weight loss takes time and patience so don’t get discouraged if you fall off the wagon.

Jenna Jameson is just one example of someone who with determination and some guidance can achieve good results.Thousand of people start a diet everyday but only a small amount of them are successful. It is not because they don’t try,its because they don’t have the right information to be successful. The gyms and weight loss companies want you to be overweight so they can sell you their gym memberships and poison prescriptions.

Not every weight loss course is good, so we have weeded out the bad ones and just gave you the cream of the crop. We search the web and find the best weight loss advice you can possibly get. Not everyone is made the same and what works for one don’t work for another.Most of the private weight management courses are way better that the commercial ones. You just never heard of most of them because they don’t have the big advertising budget to spend.

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PS. We practice weight loss every day so we know what works.

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