Mcdonalds on keto

You are eating right and watching your carbs so what about eating at mcdonalds. Going to mcdonalds on keto isn’t really a bad thing. Most of the fast food chains have some type of low carb alternatives. For instance you could order a mcdouble or any burger with no bun and no ketchup. Bread products and ketchup are high in carbs so try to avoid them.

If you happen to stop for breakfast you could always get the egg mcmuffin without the mcmuffin. The egg is one thing that a low carb diet allows. You could also get bacon on your egg and sausage. The fruit and yogurt parfait also is low in carbs, even though the strawberries and granola are higher in carbs it is still a good choice. My take on fruit is try to eat at least one or two servings of it a day, even on keto.

Other choices for low carb if you go to mcdonalds on keto are a big mac without the bun. You could also have a garden salad or a grilled chicken salad as long as you skip the tortilla strips and the lime glaze dressing on the chicken salad. Low fat Balsamic Vinaigrette is the best choice for dressing and make sure to skip the croutons. Grilled chicken sandwiches are also a great on keto as long as you skip the bun.

Keto and HIIT

If you like the fillet o fish and go to mcdonalds on keto you may be in luck.The fillet itself is low in carbs as long as you skip the bun. The tartar sauce has 0 carbs if you like it on your fillet o fish.Avoid deep fried foods like fries, crispy chicken because they have high carbs. Chicken mcnuggets are ok even though they are deep fried as long as you only eat 4 because there is 10 carbs in 4 pieces.

When it comes to desserts and mcdonalds on keto you could eat apple slices, go gert and cuties. I know fruit is higher in carbs but they do contain natural sugars which are better for you. If you limit yourself too much on things you like, you are going to fail miserably. Best practice is to eat healthy but cheat every once in a while, just don’t over do it. Even the best of us fall off the diet wagon so don’t worry. Get up dust yourself off and start on the right track again.

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