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I received this email on June 6th 2019 which is the 75th year anniversary of D-Day. Thank You Jeff Clark for sending me this email.

The American Cemetery in Normandy, France displays 9,300 gravestones of American soldiers who perished on June 6, 1944 – otherwise known as D-Day.

My family visited this cemetery several years ago. At the time, my oldest son was studying World War II in his junior high school history class. We had planned a vacation to France for the summer. And, it seemed that besides doing the typical “touristy” things, we might get some educational benefit by taking a detour to Normandy.

I had no idea.

Our tour guide had lived in Normandy his entire life. His parents and his grandparents were residents of Normandy. He knew the history. He was the perfect person to show us his “neighborhood.”

We walked along Utah beach and Omaha beach. All the while, our tour guide explained the events of June 6, 1944. He choked back tears as he described the day.

We visited a church in the Normandy region. Its blood-stained pews had been preserved to remind visitors of the sacrifices made by the American military.

As my family walked along some of the back-roads in Normandy we were approached by a few of the local elderly residents. Our tour guide explained we were American tourists visiting the D-Day memorials. The residents shook our hands and nodded, saying “Merci. Merci. Merci.”

Then we visited the American Cemetery.

It’s on the hillside, overlooking the ocean. It would be an ideal location for a luxury resort or a high-priced, exclusive community. But, the French set it aside as a place to honor the fallen American soldiers.

As you stand at the entrance of the cemetery, you see a field of green grass interrupted by 9,300 stone-white grave markers. In the distance, the blue waves of the ocean lighten the image.

We were the only “foreigners” visiting the American cemetery that day. But, there were many people walking by the gravesites and stopping occasionally to pause and say a silent prayer. Our tour guide explained that these were the “locals.” “They come by every day,” he said, “just to say thanks.”

My sons walked among the gravestones. And, they did the math. “Dad,” my youngest son said, “this guy was only 18 years old.”

He could have said that several thousand times.

Seventy-five years ago today, 9,300 Americans gave up their lives to defend freedom.

The residents of Normandy still shake the hands of American tourists who visit. And, they still stand by the gravesites and say “Merci.”

Best regards,

Jeff Clark

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Thank God every day for the men who gave their lives so we could be free. The people of Normandy France thank Americans everyday and so should you, so the next time you see a veteran stop and shake their hand and say Thank You!

Mark & Sherry Whitney

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1 Minute Weight Loss Review

There is another new kid in town in the weight loss arena. We are lifestyle and weight management specialists and always on the hunt for programs to make clients progress easier.

The product is called 1 Minute Weight Loss 

The video on the website explained you can lose weight with 1 minute exercises. There is also a link below the video for the transcript in case you want to read and don’t want to watch the video.

It is a new product backed by science but there is not much information about it yet. I liked the concept of being able to get fit in under 5 minutes a day so I purchased it for $37 a 50% discount off the regular price.

After I purchased the product it took me to an upgrade page to purchase monthly coaching. Because I am already a coach I passed and clicked the no thank you link. The link didn’t do anything at all, I figured it would at least take me to an upgrade page but nothing happened.

I then went to my paypal email address and found the email they sent with the link for my product. I clicked the link and downloaded the product.

The videos were very informative and I was happy with them. There were 3 levels of 1 minute exercises, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. They also had a cook book with some good recipes and some other health related ebooks that came with your purchase.

There even had ebooks you could purchase but some of the links were dead and I did notice some spelling errors.

I contacted customer service and they did get back to me in just a few hours and thanked me for bringing this to their attention. They said they would fix it and if I needed any help let them know. So now I know customer service is very good.

My Final Conclusion

Pros: The videos were good quality and very informative, You can start out with beginner videos if you are new to HIIT or if you are experienced you can go to intermediate or advanced. The price is good for the value you get. Customer service is great with quick response. They also give you a cookbook and several fitness books which makes this a great value. They offer a monthly coaching program at a bargain price and take it from a coach, this is worth its weight in gold. People who have a coach tend to have way better results.

Cons: Spelling errors and some dead links. This is a new product so there is no real history of the product and I did expect some errors.

Bottom Line:

My experience was positive and the exercises are easy to do. You can save money by not having to buy a monthly gym membership. The exercises also seem to work very well and save you a lot of time, which is great if you are busy and pressed for time but still want to get into shape.

This course is a buy in my opinion.

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