Drink Water for Good Health

Through out your busy day as an entrepreneur or even if you work for someone, you need to keep your body hydrated. Simply drinking the right amount of water every day can change your life and your health.

I remember one time while driving along in my company van, water had saved my life. I slowed down to take a drink of water and it’s a good thing I did. A car came around the corner in my lane and had I not slowed down to drink water, I would of hit the other car head on. This is a true story!

Water helps your body by controlling your appetite, improving brain function and lubricating your joints. That right there is a good reason to drink more water. Many people suffer from achy joints and drinking McDonalds $1 sodas do nothing for lubricating squeaky joints.

Drinking water also helps regulate body temperature, controls chronic fatigue, keeps your lungs moist and helps prevent asthma.If you are feeling tired water also helps give you energy and it also helps decrease the risk of some Cancers.

Water helps alleviate headaches, keeps your skin moisturized, flushes out toxins, aids in digestion and helps prevent farfrompooping (constipation) and is essential for proper circulation.

So how much water should you drink everyday. First thing in the morning you should drink a 16 oz glass of water with lemon and drink a 16oz  glass of water every hour or 2, especially before and after meals to help you feel full.

Stay away from sports drinks, juices and sodas with sweeteners if you are participating in sports, because they will only cause you to become dehydrated. Reach for good ol water and watch you energy level and your concentration go through the roof.

What is the best water you can drink to get the full benefits of water. The best type of water is from a gravity fed mountain spring. Visit THIS WEBSITE to find a mountain spring near you. If a spring is not close by you then have your tap water tested and put the correct filter on it. The company that tests it will tell you the filter you need. Try to avoid bottled, unfiltered, distilled and fluoridated water.

Hope this article helps you with your quest to good health.