The Cabbage Soup Diet

The cabbage soup diet is a bit rough on the stomach but it does help you lose weight. We tried it for a month and the results were good. We lost about 10 pounds each but we did add a little ground beef to the soup for some extra protein and flavor. If you can stomach the cabbage soup diet 24/7 then this can get your diet kick started.

The biggest problem is the minute you go off of it, all your weight comes back and brings its friends. There are hundreds of diets on the market and each one can help you lose weight but as soon as you quit the diet your weight comes back. Believe me we have tried them all and each one has the same results of weight loss until you stop using them and the cabbage soup diet is no different.

You could jazz up the cabbage soup like we did and help tolerate the taste of cabbage or you can soup it up a notch and add different soups.The cabbage soup diet can get you started and then you could shift into high gear and add other soup flavors to your diet. Too much cabbage soup diet for too long will get you smelling like sour kraut from all the fermented cabbage in your system. I really don’t know if its true about it turning to sour kraut I just added a little humor in there.

Soup is good for you and you could add different flavors of soup to your diet to lose weight and get your taste buds feeling better about dieting.Just following the cabbage soup diet will get old and boring in a hurry. When you get bored with your diet no matter how good it works, sooner or later you are going to fall off the wagon.

That is why you have to have a diet that will help you get healthy and make you satisfied with your food.We found a soup diet that our clients love and it really helps them lose weight and feel good. Some of our clients can’t stay with the keto diet long term so when they get bored with keto we introduce them to the soup diet.

All the soups are delicious and there are many flavors to pick from so you never get bored and go back to your old habits.The hardest part of any diet is sticking to it long term and we know the soup diet is something you can do long term.

Give the soup diet and try and say goodbye to the same old boring bland tasting diet food. We know how hard it is to lose weight because we have been there.The soup diet was created by a Doctor and Licensed Dietician so you know it is healthy. Click on the soup diet link below for more information.

The Soup Diet Click Here

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