Eat right exercise and die anyways

Being a business owner you encounter all kinds of people. I was out promoting my Lifestyle and Weight Management Coaching and ran into an unusual guy we will call him Mike. Mike’s view on life has to be one of the most unusual I have ever seen.

I was passing out flyers at a housing development, you know the one that has most of the houses close together to make canvassing easier. I always put a flyer in peoples doors if they don’t answer right away and that is what I did at Mikes house.

He was working out back and just happened to come around front as I was leaving his porch. He said with kind of a snotty attitude, hey what the hell are you doing on my porch. I don’t like solicitors, so get the hell off my property.

I told him I was a Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach and left a flyer in his door. If there was any way I could help him call the number on the flyer.He said my view is “Eat Right Exercise and Die anyways” so I don’t waste my time with the diet and exercise shit.He started cussing and waving his arms in the air while heading my way.

He was a pretty good sized guy and I am not much of a fighter, but when backed in the corner I can kick ass if needed. Just then the screen door flew open and this heavy set woman said in a rough tone, Mike get your ass up here and quit being mean to people. She reached down and picked up my flyer that had fell out of the screen door when she opened it up.

She read the flyer, looked up at me and said my husband and I have been trying to lose weight for years with not much success. What makes you think that your coaching can help me. I started talking to her and explained our program to her and she got a big smile on her face. She said all the other programs they tried made it seem so easy but the results were disappointing.

After I explained weight loss starts with small steps and the right mindset her and her husband signed up for our coaching plan. Within the first week they each lost 2 pounds and were very happy with the results. They learned weight loss is a lot of work but with the right tools and coaching things go much smoother.

If you think that a pill or magic potion can help you lose weight, your in for a rude awaking. You need to set your mind to being a healthy person and have people on your side to help you along the way. Hiring a coach is not expensive and your coach can show you dieting hacks that will save you time and money.

So what are you waiting for sign up for our coaching program now. We work with you personally through online consultations,videos and phone support. We are here to make sure you meet your weight loss goals.

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